Join or Renew Your Membership

Changing the entrance reducer to give bees more room and airflow

It’s time to renew your membership to Surry County Beekeepers. Or if you aren’t an existing member, now’s a great time to join. In addition to the member benefits you get [ read more here ], you will also be eligible to participate in online meetings that started in October.

But wait! There’s more reasons to join or renew now. Surry County Beekeepers have recently received a grant to create a bee yard for queen rearing and research. There are current 33 hives in the bee yard. Members will have opportunities to get hands on experience in the bee yard. There’s no better way to learn beekeeping than to work with experienced beekeepers in multiple hives and not many clubs offer that opportunity. Also, in the spring when the hives will need to be split, members will be given the opportunity first to buy available splits before they become available to the general public.

So fill out the form and send it in today. Here’s the form to print: [ membership form ]