“So You Think You Want To Be A Beekeeper” – November 10, 2014

Join the Surry County Beekeepers Association for a presentation on what it takes to keep honeybees today. In this free, informative presentation you will learn:

  • What you need to know before you get started.
  • Why you need to take a course, join a local organization, and read books and bee journals before you get started.
  • The best location for your hives.
  • What equipment you will need.
  • Where to buy bees and equipment.
  • How much it costs to get started.
  • How much time it takes to raise bees and what you need to be doing each month.
  • Will you get stung and what to do if you get stung.
  • How much honey you might get.
  • How to make money selling wax, honey, and other products from the hives.
  • Why you shouldn’t believe everything you read about honeybees on the internet.
  • North Carolina laws regarding equipment and labeling of honey.