NCSBA Apiculture Online – Wednesday, November 4th at 7:00 pm

On behalf of Dr. Tarpy I invite you to tune into his next webinar in the series: “Apiculture Online: Hive Chat with NC State”. The program is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th at 7 pm. This is a great resource to gain insight into what you and your bees should be doing at this time. What you are doing or not doing will greatly influence what you will have come spring. Dr. Tarpy will be live streaming the webinar on their YouTube channel “Apiculture Online”

Guests will be presenting current information regarding bee pheromones and seasonal nutrition. Understanding both are crucial to successful colony management. Nutrition is sometimes a neglected and/or misunderstood part of the triad for success. The other two being mite control and queen quality. 

Just a reminder, do not forget to renew or reactivate your membership for 2021 this fall. You may do this at your local chapter or online. This decision may depend on what arrangements your local chapter has made to handle this with no in person meetings. 

Bee safe,

Doug Vinson, NCSBA President