Renew Membership

If you are a renewing member, bring cash or check made out to Surry County Beekeepers to any meeting.  Or if you won’t be able to attend a meeting in the near future you may send a check to the SCBA Treasurer at the address listed at the bottom of this form:

SCBA Membership Form

You don’t need to fill out the entire form, but please include at least your name, phone number or email address, and answer the questions on the form regarding preferences.  If you have any changes to mailing address, phone number, or email address, please include the updated information with your check.

Note: If you are a member of other chapters and already an active member of NCSBA, the membership dues are $10 and you must send your NCSBA member number along with payment. If you are not sure of your member number, you can look it up at NC Beekeepers website or find it on the address label for the Yellow Book or newsletter (if you have the newsletter mailed to you). It appears directly above your name on the address label.