SCBA Events 2016

Here’s what we did in 2016.

January 11th Fundamentals of Inspection [ read more ]
February 8th  The Honey Files  [ read more ]
March 7th  Bee school begins  [ read more ]
March 14th  No regular meeting.  Bee school attendees only.
April 11th  Testing for Nosema [ read more ]
May 7th  Bee Yard Day [ read more ]
May 9th “Raising Queens” with Tim Service
read more ]
June 13th Early Spring Management & Colonies with Problems
read more ]
July 11th  Highlights from the Summer NCSBA Conference [ read more ]
August 6th Annual Picnic at Fisher River Park [ read more ]
September 10th Celebrating Agriculture [ read more ]
September 12th  “The Oxalic Acid Vaporization Method” by Dave Simpson [ read more ]
October 10th  “Applying for assistance from the 2014 Farm Bill” with Lindsey Carico [ read more ]
November 14th  “Winter Feeding” Workshop with Eugene Brown
read more ]
December 3rd Christmas Party – Libby Hill Seafood at 5:00 pm
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