Master Beekeeper Review and Testing

The Master Beekeeper Committee would like you to know that there are events that precede the opening of the NCSBA Spring Meeting in New Bern on Thursday, March 1st 2018.

The meeting will officially open at 12:30 and the first presentations will begin.

If you have arrived at the New Bern Convention Center and are looking for something to do before the meeting starts, and before the vendors are set-up and ready to conduct business, you may find these events interesting and beneficial.

Thursday, March 1st,  from 10 a.m. till noon, the MBP will be offering:

  1. Advanced Review
  2. “Ask The Experts”

Advanced Review
As in the past, members of the Committee will be covering what to expect on a Journeyman or Master Beekeeper exam and offering tips on how to prepare to take one.

For this session, the topics highlighted for this review at the advanced level will be:

  • Colony sociology and behaviors;
  • Hive Products (honey, wax, propolis, pollen);
  • Pollination and Plants

(Past reviews have included anatomy, pests and diseases, anatomical systems, glands, pheromones, and colony communication.)

Ask the Experts
A panel made up of Master Beekeepers, Apiary Inspectors, and NC Cooperative Extension agents will be available to answer questions.

The panel will be:

  • Bill Moran: NCSBA Master Beekeeper,  MBP Committee (research and practical exams)
  • Eric Talley: NCSBA Master Beekeeper, NCSBA Regional Director
  • Adolphus Leonard: NCDA&CS  Apiary Inspector
  • Will Hicks: NCSDA&CS Apiary Inspector
  • Mike Carroll: NC Cooperative Extension Agent, Agriculture
  • Tom Glasgow: NC Cooperative Extension, Director Craven County, Horticulture

Bring your questions about beekeeping experiences; pests and diseases; the NCSBA organization; plants; agricultural practices, and more.

TESTING will be on Friday from 1pm to 4pmMarch 2nd 
No written test issued after 2pm. Journeyman and Master practical done 1 till 4

TESTING on Saturday from 9am till 12 noon. March 3rd
No written test issued after 10am. Journeyman and Master practical done 9 till noon

Those wishing to take the written test –  please email and let us for planning on how many copies to have on-hand, and for space & time for practical exams. We need just your name and the test you plan to take.

If you have additional questions call or email
Paul Newbold at 252-312-4629
Doug Galloway at 828-612-1531

Anticipated MBP Testing for 2018/2019 (Journeyman and Master exams are only given at state events)

2018:  March  NCSBA Spring Meeting New Bern
2018:  July  NCSBA Summer Meeting, near Asheville
2018:  October MBP Fall Regional Testing (only one location this year – likely mid-state)
2019:  Spring NCSBA joint meeting with SCBA, likely near Charlotte